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These stills are taken from a Haagen Dazs commercial I shot in 1995, although for cinema it was photographed (thermographed ?) with an Agema thermal camera. The Agema produced a rainbow coloured image recording colder areas within the frame as blue, through to the pink and white of warmer exposed skin.

You can see the green edge to the couch in some of the stills, this was warmed up with a tungsten lamp, the blue hue of the rest set is a lot cooler which I achieved by having the big studio doors left open the night before and the day of the shoot, as it was February in London this was not a popular decision with the partly clothed actors.

I decided to call myself a "Heating Cameraman" for this job

The thermal camera produced a video signal that was recorded on to DigiBeta. After editing the video was output to 35mm film for cinema projection.